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Dane County Delights Essay

Dane County Delights!


Write two or more pages that capture your excitement about what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched in Dane County. Here are some things you could write about:


What surprised you? What took your breath away?

What shapes, colors, and textures did you enjoy?

What smells and tastes were very strong?

What sounds do you remember?

What were you afraid of?

What was disgusting?

What was relaxing and peaceful?


Who was a great person to meet? Describe her or him.

What was something you loved doing?

What do want to learn how to do?

What occupation did you imagine yourself doing?


Describe what was most vivid, such as . . . driving at night; beauty of quilts, hardanger lace, hardanger fiddles, and rosemaling; reverence in the chapel, the cemetery, or the Buddhist temple; shock of the butcher shop; excitement at putting on firefighter clothes; wonder in the Living Machine at the cheese factory; fear at the hog farm; curiosity about heritage seeds, well drilling tools, and midget cars; the rhythm in gospel music, polka, and auctioneering; listening to great storytellers; fascination with trolls or Wally’s fantastic creatures; the taste of Norwegian pastries, tea party treats, and Swiss chocolate; the awe of seeing the Opera House and the old mills in Mazomanie and Rockdale; the variety of farms (tobacco, spinach, and hogs); shapes of barns; kindness everywhere.


How did this trip change you? How do you look at the world differently? How did your parents experience the trip?


Respond to as many questions as you like. Write in complete sentences! Include yourself by writing “I” sentences. Write about emotions, include lots of sensory details, put a lot of spice and rhythm into your words.