File Name: BuildingPermit.psd

Source: Taste of Memories from the Old "Bush" Vol. 2

File Type: imageText: We lived in a two story, one family home at 215 South Park Street. In 1930,my father decided to remodel the house into a two family dwelling. Mr. Sobota, a Russian cabinet maker, was to do the work for us. One Saturday morning, while my father and Mr. Sobota were on the second floor discussing plans, my mother slipped out the back to buy some rolls for their coffee break. When she returned from Moskowsky's (Milwaukee Bakery), Mr. Sobota was telling my father that the job was more involved than he had anticipated and he felt that he needed a building permit. My mother, being the aggressive person she was, removed her apron, changed into a better dress, walked down to Mills Street and boarded a street car to see the building inspector. Ray Burt, the State Building Inspector, was the only person in the office and listened carefully to her limited English explainingthe house and the need for a building permit. Burt explained that in order to get a building permit, she would need a blueprint. Now a blueprint and a building permit were the same thing to my mother so Burt further explained that a blueprint was a type of picture of the building plans. She left the office, got back on the street car, returned to the neighborhood, marched into the house, and informed Mr. Sobota of the need for a blueprint. Mr. Sobota grabbed a board and sketched a plan in pencil. My mother tucked the board under her arm, headed for Mills Street, boarded another street car and headed for the Square once again. She entered Burt's office and pushing the board towards him, said 'Here's your blueprint'. He tried to explain that it would be impossible to file a board in his cabinet. Then, looking at my mother, who acted like a drill sargeant and was probably getting slightly irriated from the confusion, Burt reconsidered and decided to issue the permit. My mother returned on her fourth street car ride of the day, with a building permit in her possession. The lengthy coffee break had ended. Vince Accardo

Family Name: Accardo
Location Name: Park

Source Author: Catherine Tripalin Murray
Source Copyright: 1990

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