File Name: accardo citizenship.psd

Source: Taste of Memories from the Old "Bush" Vol. 2

File Type: imageText: After many night classes at Neighborhood House, the day had finally arrived for my father to become a citizen of his new country. Back then, questioning of each applicant was done on an individual basis and my father was petrified. He stood like a stone statue before the man robed in black. The judge, sensing his fear, assured him there was nothing to be frightened of and that in a few minutes, he would be a citizen just like the judge was. To help relax my father, the judge asked him who the first President of the United States was. My father replied, 'Oh, Thatsa easy. He wasa one of us. His name was George Washingtoni'. My father became a proud citizen of the United States that afternoon. Vince Accardo 2

Family Name: Accardo
Themes: History Assimilation
Themes: History Immigration
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Source Author: Catherine Tripalin Murray
Source Copyright: 1990

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