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This is an area bordered by North Park Street to the west, Regent to the south, and Murray Street to the east. The railyards run along the northern edge.

There are major landmarks indicated.

On North Park Street, running south towards Regent, are the Buick Garage, the John Parisi residence, and Bunky's restaurant, owned by the Capadonas.

Along Regent Street, heading east, are lots indicated as Scalissi, an unreadable labeled lot, Di Lorenzo, Paratore, an alley, Colletti, Stassi, and DiSalvo's Supper Club.

On the corner of Regent and Murray Street is DiSalvo's Grocery. North along Murray, are several residences; Mandarino, Tortorino, Raimondo, Quartuccio, Wrend, Curry, the Sinaiko Warehouse, and another lot marked as Curry.



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