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This area is two blocks; one is a triangular one bordered by Regent Street to the north, and Francis Street to the west. West Washington Avenue runs from the middle north to the south and west. The other block represented is the area bordered by the diagonal south side of West. Washington Avenue and Proudfit Street, which runs perpendicular to W. Washington, from the north to the northeast.

There are major landmarks noted.

On the upper left, corner of Regent and Francis, heading east along Regent, is a lot marked Stone Front, then the Stassi residence. Paley's Junk Yard is marked to the east of that, and Tontilla's Grocery can be viewed on the southern corner of Regent and W. Washington Avenue.

On the north side of the Regent and W. Washington Avenue intersection is a partial lot indicated which is the feed mill.

On the south side of the Regent and W. Washington Avenue intersection, where Proudfit Avenue connects, there is Fedele Station, and behind that a coal yard.

On the north side of West. Washington Avenue, heading south and west, are the Baldarotta Shoe Shop, the Belleteiri tavern, the Belleteiri home, the Fox Den, and Evans cleaners.

On the corner of West Washington Avenue and Francis, heading north along Francis, are lots marked as Rane, Manderino, Presti, Capatoni, and Montisi, along with one unmarked lot.

On the south side of West Washington Avenue, from the corner of Proudfit, heading south and west, are lots marked as Dempsey and Moran. Behind them is the Marshall Dair y Lab on Proudfit. Continuing along the south side of West Washington, are lots for Tantillo, Lombardo, Shunk, Oliva, Taylor, and Barry. Next to Barry is a partially indicated lot marked as Martines.

On the corner of Proudfit and West Main, behind the Marshall Dairy Lab, are marks indicating Johnny's Tavern, and for Mandarino.

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