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This lot is bordered by Regent Street to the north, Francis Street to the east, Milton Street to the south, and Lake Street to the west.

There are major landmarks noted.

From the upper left, the corner of Regent Street and Lake Street, moving east, are several residences; Lawry, Muchilt, a vacant lot, Badenna, and Brasci.

On the corner of Regent and Francis, heading south, are residences for Lemberger, 2 unmarked lots, Pr???, Giacom???, and Raimondo.

On the corner of Francis and Milton is a lot marked as Mike Falci. Moving east along Milton are metal garages, a vacant lot, then a lot marked as Troia, then another unmarked lot.

On the corner of Milton and Lake are lots for Bongiovani and Vitale Grocery.

Moving north along Lake Street, are lots marked as La Presto, Nania, and Caruso as well as more unmarked lots.



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