Milton Regent Murray Park

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This is a block bordered by Regent Street to the north, Murray Street to the east, Milton Street to the south, and South Park Street to the east. The block is bysected by Bowen Court.

There are major landmarks noted.

From the upper left, the corner of Regent and South Park Street, moving east along Regent, there is a Standard Station. Next are several residences; Quartuccio, Galina, Rupp's(??) Garage, Clementi, Masino, Pete Schiro, and Benny Wrend.

On the corner of Murray and Regent, is the Corona Store. Next to that, on Murray, is a lot marked as Pelletieri.

South of Bowen, along Murray, are residences for Cimino, Varesi, Caruso and Gandolph.

Along Milton Street, from east to west, are lots marked as Pullara, Chiavero, and DiChristina. Continuing west, are lots marked as Puccio, Romano, Fedele, obscured name, obscured name. There is also a lot behind the others marked as Musalami.

The interior of this block was used as a garden.

On the corner of Milton and South Park, there is a lot marked as Vito, then to the north, the Intravaia store. On the corner of South Park and the south side of Bowen Court,are three lots marked as Spatola, Vultaggio, and Mazzara.

From the north side of Bowen Court and the corner of South Park, are three residences, Stalone, Intravaia, and Fodera. There is a business marked as Caliva's Tire to the north of these homes.



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