Regent Brooks Park Milton Block

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This block is bordered by Regent Street on the north, South Brooks Street on the west, Milton Street on the south, and South Park Street on the east. It is bysected by Bowen Court, which runs east to west.

There are major landmarks noted.

From the corner of South Brooks Street and Regent, in the upper left, heading east, several bussinesses are noted; Schiro's Tavern, a lot, Genna's, Kelly's, Reda's S&A Store, Tiny's Cafe, and Mehre Drugs.

Along Park Street, heading south, are the rectory and St. Joseph's Church. South of Bowen Court and Park, are the St. Joseph School and convent. There is a lot marked as Bonnino and a lot marked with an obscured name.

Moving along Milton, from east to west, are lots for Sansone, Cantepa, and a few vacant lots. There are two lots, near the intersection of Milton and South Brooks, with obscured names.

Moving north along S. Brooks, the Troia residence is south of Bowen Court. There is residence on the edge of Bowen and Brooks with an obscured name.

Along Bowen Court, moving east, are residences for an obscured name, Joe Monino and Frank Genna, as well as the playground for St. Joseph's School.



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