East of Frances near W. Washington Click on this link for a close up view.

This plot of land was borderd by West Washington Avenue in the north and west, and intersected by Gwinnette Court, from the southwest, by Main Street, across the middle, and Proudfit, along the east.

There are major landmarks noted.

In the upper right, Mosley's bar exists on the corner of West Washington and Milton.

On the south side of W. Washington, this map displays several businesses. Along the west edge, part of the Vitale's Tumbledown Shack is displayed, then the City Car Garage. Next, heading north and east along West. Washington Avenue, are the Oliva, Corrido and Karp residences. Lastly shown is a plat displayed as Martines.

Along Gwinnett Court are homes listed as (from southwest to northeast, along the north side) Caruso, Matranga, Cassini, Tripalin, Fiore, Justi, and T. Caruso.

Along the north side of Main are the duplex for Cuccia and Urso (partial), then a lot marked as Rogers. There is a small dead end street off of Main marked as Bayview Court. There are two lots marked on it; one as Becwith, one as Cesaratto.

There is one additional lot on the north side of Main marked, past Bayview, as Oderico.

There is one additional map with an extended view of farther east....

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