Milton Mound Lake Frances Block

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This is a block bordered by Milton to the north, Lake Street to the west, and intersected by West Washington Avenue, which runs from the northeast to the south.

There are major landmarks noted.

On the corner of Milton and Lake is the Italian Methodist Church.

South, along Lake Street, Father Parroni's house is noted.

Continuing south along Lake Street is a notation for the Vienna Cafe and a house marked as "Je?????".

There is a building with a long driveway, but it is unmarked.

South along the Lake Street, is the Traino residence.

At the corner of Lake and West Washington are the White Front Grocery and Oliva Meats.

Along the north side of West Washington Avenue are a building marked as ST??? Clothes, a building marked as M**, a pool hall, a building marked as Bob C*****, Troia Meats, Affelbaum Cheffauli Shoe Shop, a residence marked as Navarra, another Shoe Shop, and a building marked as Urso.

Along the south side of West Washington Avenue are Licari Station and Tavern, Kennedy Dairy Garage, a Tuxedo store, and the Vitale Tumbledown Shack.

Along Milton, moving from the Italian Methodist Church are residences marked as Bruno, Alito, and two marked Pellitteri.



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