Park Milton East

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This is a block bordered by South Park Street on the west, Milton Street on the north, Murray Street on the East, and Mound Street on the south.

There is an alley which bysects the block from east to west.

There are major landmarks noted.

On the corner of Park Street and Mound, there are several residences. Along Mound, going east, are notes for Tortorice, their Store, Loniello, Di Piazza, Di Martino, and the Shapiro Butcher Store. There are several unmarked lots, and one lot, near the end, where the description is obscured.

North along Murray, south of the alley is a lot marked as Burial Vaults.

North along Murray, north of the alley, is a residence marked as Cowen.

Behind the Cowen residence, north of the alley is the Shapiro residence.

On the corner of Murray and Milton, is the Scalissi residence. Going west on Milton, there are two unmarked lots and the Troia residence, a residence marked as Puccio G*??, a residence marked as Tranchita, a residence marked as La Bella, and a residence marked as Cuccia.

Along Park Street, north of the alley, are two residences; one marked as R*g House, and one marked as Bass.

South of the alley along Park Street, are two residences, one marked as Donis, one marked as Introvino??



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