Brooks Park  Milton Block

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This land is bordered by South Brooks Street on the west, Milton Street on the north, South Park Street on the east, and Mound Street on the south.

There is an alley that intersects this land from east to west.

There are major landmarks noted.

On Brooks Street, north of the alley, is a lot marked as Troia garden.

Also on Brooks, north of an unmarked lot, is a lot with an obscured name.

Further north along South Brooks is a lot marked as Winer.

On the corner of South Brooks and Milton is a lot marked with an obscured name

Along Milton, there is a lot marked as Cerro.

Going East on Milton, is another lot marked as Sweet.

Further east is a lot marked as Brown.

Further east on Milton is a lot marked as Baldarotta???

On the corner of Milton and South Park Street is a notation of the foundation of the Troia Grocery, which it notes was blown up by "gangs??"

South along South Park Street, was a filling station. Along its south border was the alley.

South of the alley, is a notation of a "grey" house whose occupants moved to Rockford.

Also on South Park Street, there is a residence for Frank Attlebaum ??.

The Arnold Meat Market is marked on South Park Street.

On the corner of S. Park and Mound was Schwartz Drugstore.

To the west of Schwartz Drugstore was the Royal Blue Store.

There are obscured notations on this section of the map.



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