North of Brittingham, along W. Wash Click on each side of the map for a close up view.

This is the Brittingham Park area. West Shore Drive curves to the south, then turns east. West Main curves to the north. Brittingham Place is prominently marked and Clark Court connects it and Rodney Court.

There are major landmarks noted.

On West Main and Brittingham Place, to the north side of the Street is a partial lot for a duplex for Cuccia and Urso. Along Brittingham Place are several unmarked lots. On the northern corner of Brittingham Place and Clark Court is a residence marked as Tony Salerno.

On West Main, there is a partial lot for the Stiggen residence.

Far East of the BushAs West Shore Drive curves back north and east (far right corner), the Brittingham Farm Beach is noted, as is the boat house, which still stands and is currently undergoing renovations. Lake Monona is also marked.



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