Chandler Park Brooks Block

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This is the land south of Mound Street, east of Murray Street, north of Chandler Street, and west of South Park Street.

There are major landmarks noted.

On the intersection of Park and Mound, there is a Jewish Synagogue marked.

Along Mound, there are 2 unmarked lots.

Also along Mound, there is a lot marked Horton.

On Murray Street, next to an alley that bysects the map, there is the Milwaukee Bakery.

On Chandler Street, intersecting with South Park Street, there is a residence marked as Accardo.

Another residence, just to the north of the Accardo residence, but on South Park Street is also marked as Accardo. This has a long driveway.

On South Park Street, north of the Accardo residence, is Halprin's Auto Parts. It was next to the alley.

North of that, also on South Park Street, is marked Dutch Rubinoust's??



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