African American Settlers Of Cheyenne Valley

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Algie Shivers - Builder of Round Barns

The Importance of Cheyenne Valley

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neighbors shivers, nofsinger, and armsThe history of the Cheyenne Valley multi-racial community has been largely unknown in Wisconsin. Recently, a group of historians, folklorists, preservationists and descendants of the early mixed race settlers in the valley have come together to rediscover, record and preserve the fascinating story of this unique community

Among the original settlement families are those of Micajah Revels, Ishmael Roberts, arms farmsteadWalden Stewart, Wesley Barton, Charles Allen, Jefferson Craft, Samuel Arms, Elijah Bass, Charles Harris, Alfred Weaver, Thomas Shivers, Samuel Waldron, Burrell Murphy and Hugh Patterson.

Most of the families were "free persons of color" who trace their origins to tri-racial isolated communities in North Carolina and Indiana. They made the long journey to Wisconsin with the assistance of the Quaker Religion Society of Friends. Many of shivers homethese descendants intermarried with their neighbors and integrated into the greater society.

By the end of the 1880's, most of the original mixed race settlers had arrived in the valley. One of the later arrivals was Thomas Shivers and his family. The Shivers prospered and also intermarried with their white and mixed race neighbors. Two noteworthy residents; Alga Shivers and Flora Revels Waldon Shivers married late in life and had no children of their own. However,they raised several foster children, gave selflessly of themselves to their families and neighbors, and were loved and respected by the Cheyenne Valley and Hillsboro communities. They both remained in the valley until their deaths just over 20 years ago.