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Meriter Hospital
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AFL-CIO (Labor Temple)
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Lakeside Fibers
Chicken Underground
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Tropical Fish World
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Chicken Underground

Holding a chickenDrawing by Martha showing chickens hiding undergroundThe Chicken Underground is a group of people who raise chickens in coops in their backyards.

It all started for the Robinsons when they found that some of their friends had chickens! Cheryl and John thought the idea interesting and decided to get some.

One year John built a cozy-looking coop for the hens (John is giving classes on how to build chicken coops). It can fit up to five adult chickens. It does look cozy, if you’re a chicken.

TChickens in the coophe coop is about four feet wide and four feet long. There are two levels. On the bottom level there is straw on the ground, and branches for perches. On the secondChickens in the coop level is a nest house, a lot more straw on the ground then on the first level. In the back on the right hand side of the coop, there are two, white eggs

People used to not be allowed to have a coop, but they could have chickens, and if the neighbors complained, then you had to get rid of the chickens.

So, many of the Chicks in an aquariumpeople who owned chickens and formed a group. “I don’t know who came up with the name, the Chicken Underground, but we all liked it, and that’s what we became,” said John. They wanted to change some chicken laws.

Now chicken underground isn’t underground anymore. It’s above ground because they won the trials. Now they can have up to four chickens in a coop outside without getting in trouble with the law.

Winky the chickenHolding chicksNow it’s legal to have four chickens in a coop but you can’t slaughter the chickens. Cheryl and John have chickens that lay an egg each day. They thought it would be good for their kids to know that you don’t just go buy food at the grocery store, but that you get it from nature.

After lunch we held the chicks. I held one that was reddish-brown, black, and white. It had a light yellow beak. Some of the chicks have names. Rosemary got Captain Black Beak. I held the smallest of them, which I thought of as "Cherry" because of the red.

[The chicks] were so tiny and soft and most of them fell asleep in your hand. Now a lot of us want chickens.

The chicks are soft and warm. Their down is fluffy and satiny. They try hard to peck you, but you don’t feel a thing.

Chick, chick, chick
Cluck, cluck, cluck
Chicks in my hand
Comfortable with my hand over them
They fall asleep
Nestled in my hands!
Scarlet red,
Like a rooster,
Pure, white,
Like an egg.
Their bright orange beaks,
Clucking at everything
Lying in the well-built coop
A finger goes through the bars
They peck it, and strut away

Drawing of chickens by Chiara


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