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Introduction: Foodways

Even since the movement of the Hmong to America the Hmong people have still kept their cooking traditions from Laos. Some of their traditions include harvesting rice, and other plants. They also have strong butchering traditions. Some of the Hmong have private gardens near or at their house in America. They still plant lots of the food in their gardens.

But there aren’t really very many Hmong farmers in America. Farming back in Laos was a lot different. They would go out in the fields for most of the day and just work. A lot of Hmong life was based around farming.

There are a lot of differences in the way they get their food here, and back in Laos.

In Laos they had a garden that they worked in the fields all day. They grew their own rice and butchered their own meat, and also grew vegetables.

Here they still can have gardens, but not nearly as big and they probably don’t grow rice! They could still kill and butcher animals but not as much as in Laos.

Also the way they cook it. In Laos it was just on a fire maybe with some coal. But here it is a whole bunch more high tech, with a lot more technology.

The Hmong still keep a lot of their traditional Hmong foods. The Hmong still make eggrolls, cook sticky rice and much, much more!

At one place that we went to on our fall Hmong Cultural trip, we got to sample sticky rice rolls (they look like egg rolls), and we also got to make our own eggrolls and eat them for dinner!

In all these ways, you can clearly see that the Hmong keep their foodways almost the same as in Laos!