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Dialogue: Hmong Kids, American Kids

Mariah | Martha | Gabby | Sara K.

At the Hmong center in Green Bay, a woman dressed her daughter, Christina, in traditional green Hmong clothes. The lady dressed her oldest daughter in white Hmong clothes. The traditional outfits were so different, but yet they both are from Hmong culture.

We asked Hmong kids what they thought about the traditional clothes they were wearing. One girl said the clothes were heavy. The other one said the clothes were tight. I knew what she meant, because she had about five scarves wrapped around her waist.

When they wear Hmong clothes they feel more Hmong, but when they wear American clothes they feel American. They overall feel American because they were born in America, but they learned the Hmong language first.

We asked the adults if they called Laos home, and they said yes. Then we asked the kids if they called Laos their home. They said no. I think it’s interesting that parents call one place home, but the kids think of their home as another place halfway around the world.
–Sara K.