Boxes of Candina's Chocolate

A sign describes Candina's chocolate sales

The glass counter where chocolate is stored.

Chocolate at Candina's displayed

Erika drew this picture of the choclate at Candinas.

Kids sample Truffles

Candina's Chocolate

Verona, WI

When we came in, the whole shop was shining! Like it was just cleaned. On my right and left, there were Markus Candinas talks about chocolate making.plants. (I guess to decorate.) There was a couch that could hold four people. Then we saw a man walking. He was the one who sold chocolate! His name is Markus Candinas and he was dressed all in white, just like in the hospital. He had grey eyes. He talked with us about the chocolate. He said that in one year, they make more than 1 million chocolates! -- Nick

Candina's is ranked one of the ten best chocolate makers in America. It was started by a guy who is of Swiss ancestry and went to Switzerland to study chocolate making. -- Thomas

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