Mr. Wagler gets the kids ready for their big hello

Digital Studio Equipment

Filming of the "Hello Sun Prairie" spot

All ready to start taping

Testing the lighting on stage

More studio equipment

Getting prepped on the taping process

Mr. Wagler and the kids before taping

Kids 4
Sun Prairie, WI

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Emily | Nick

Kids 4 is an television station operated by kids from little to 17. It's on Channel 4. On these shows, the kids do the acting, directing, editing, and everything else, but sometimes they don't control the cameras. In the building, there is a "Wall of Fame." It has all the names of kids who have participated in Kids 4 on it. There is layer after layer of names. The station has high-tech equipment, such as digital editing and expensive cameras, and although kids do operate the cameras, they usually edit non-digitally.

Since the kids do everything, after a while they can graduate to a
larger and harder position. Kids 4 has two sets, and that is so you can have two shows being filmed at the same time. Kids 4 teaches kids about life, and how not everything you see on TV is true. It teaches about peer pressure. --Emily

Kids go to Kids 4 when they are about my age (I'm 10). There, the professional TV people show them all kinds of things about TV. For example: how to work with a camera, how to work with a microphone, etc. Once the kids are finished with the basic steps, they go to an advanced level where they make commercials, shows, and even a little movie! Once you have done five special programs (you have completed them successfully), your name gets on the paper, and once you've done ten special programs, your name goes on a golden sheet, so everybody would know you're an accomplished TV dude.

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