Playing Uno

The start of Kings Corner

Near the end of Kings Corner

Playing Euchre

Playing Kings Corner

Playing Uno

Colonial Club Adult Day Care Center
Sun Prairie, WI

Emily | Mackenzie

The Colonial Club is an organization for people with mental or physical disabilities. Some of the people there can't talk, but they still can play cards. To keep them company, we played cards with them. The two games we played are kings' corner and euchre.
Here are the rules to kings' corner. You lay four cards down, and then you put things above them (in numbers) on those piles. Aces are 1s. If you get a king, you put it in the corner. The colors have to alternate. If you have an empty space, you can put cards underneath others.

When you walk into the Colonial Club, it's like you've entered the past. Just the furniture and the setting make it look that way.

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