This is what the hall that houses the Sons of Norway organization looks like

Emma drew this picture of a rosette

A sign at the Sons Of Norway written in Norweigan.

A plate of rosettes and norweigan pastries

The kids enjoy a treat

Books and postcards from Norway

Sons of Norway
Stoughton, WI

The Sons of Norway in Stoughton was originally founded almost 100 years ago. The intention was to have a place where Norwegians who newly came to America could have a place to take refuge, eat traditional Norwegian food, and tell Norwegian jokes, and invent Ole and Lena. At least so Jim ? told us.

Emma drew this commemorating the Centennial of the Sons of Norway organization in StoughtonNow they host a variety of events and pitch in and help run Syttende Mai. They have Norwegian summer camp where nothing American or English is allowed. No American candy, music, language, money, nothing. That has to be hard! They also help the community with service projects and things like that. --Mark

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