In the bank, Mr. Wagler points out the rosemaling to the kids

A box decorated by rosemaling

A detail shot of rosemauling in the bank of a red flower and green leaves on a black background.

Gabby drew this picutre of a traditional rosemauling

The ceiling and mouldings of the bank are also decorated with rosemaling

Cubbords and drawers are decorated by rosemaling}

Home Savings Bank (Rosemaling)
Stoughton, WI

Zoe | Jenny

Picture of the original rosemaler of the Home Savings BankBefore ---- became a professional rosemaler, she came to the bank Stoughton Bank in Stoughton and did some practice. Most of it was on the doors and walls, but some on the rafters and edging on desks. Most rosemaling is done on black background and looksEven the door panels have rosemaling on them. much like Hungarian embroidery, but the work she did resembled more of a modern, yet traditional style. Her picture is hanging on the wall near the front door. There is no rosemaling around it, but she did have some of her artwork put into the picture with her.--Zoe

Rosemaling is Norwegian rose painting.--Jenny


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