Spinach grows indoor in March!

Listening to how spinach grows

Bill and Judy talk about growing spinach in the winter

Inside the greenhouse, Bill and Judy show off their spinach crop

Using a tiller to ready the soil for spinach

Using long greenhouses to shelter the plants from the winter

Spinach sprouts growing in winter

A scale for weighing spinach

Spinach Farm with Judy Hageman
and Bill Warner
Paoli, WI

The farm is 240 acres of land, a house, and hoop houses. Bill Warner and Judy Hageman take care of the WHOLE thing.

The only thing that heats the greenhouses is the sun. At night, they are as cold as outside.

Bill's secret is to freeze the spiniach. So, when the other farmers say, "Don't freeze, don't freeze!" he says, "Freeze, freeze!" If you freeze and than, the spinache gets sweeter every time. Other farmers try what he does, but the taste is "down in the soil", he says. They sell spinach to restaurants, and sometimes at the Farmer's Market, because they get better prices selling to the market and restaurants than to stores. --Emily

The family spends a lot of time in the library. Books about farming help them. They grow spinach organically. They have a little problem with aphids. The aphids eat some of the spinach. If you eat an aphid, the aphid would die. Nothing would happen to you. --Gabby.

Mary was born on the farm. It used to be a dairy farm. --Rodrigo

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