Kids Cleaning for Meal

Hay Bales used for practicing archery

Kids Cleaning For Dinner

Roast Venison

Citation from the State of Wisconsin


Listening to Leroy talk

Roast Rabbit

Leroy telling the kids about hunting

Takinig a break in cleaning for the big meal

Dan and Leroy talking to the kids

The Deer Creek Sportsman's Club,
Mt. Vernon, WI

Transcription: Leroy Haag, President

"Before hunting season we tell the guys we got to prepare for the game feed, and that gives them a couple of months. Then they come in and let us know what they got. . . . We got elk, we got a lot of roasts. And what I'll do is like tomorrow we'll put them in a marinade till Saturday and we slow cook it. We cook it real slow and that's the trick in doing game.

"What we try to do is we got a whole lot of wild game recipe books. What we'll do is pick something out of there and we'll experiment a little bit with it, first, but we try to make it so we have something a little bit different every year. Always try something new. This year we're going to do some pheasant and turkey, instead of roasting them were going to take the breasts out and when we're done we'll cut little wedges, like you buy at McDonald's or wherever, and we're going to roll them in flour with some spicing and we're going to brown them and deep fry them. They get done real fast and if you cut them in real narrow wedges, they'll get nice and tender."

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