Kids Cleaning for Meal

Hay Bales used for practicing archery

Kids Cleaning For Dinner

Roast Venison

Citation from the State of Wisconsin


Listening to Leroy talk

Roast Rabbit

Leroy telling the kids about hunting

Takinig a break in cleaning for the big meal

Dan and Leroy talking to the kids

The Deer Creek Sportsman's Club,
Mt. Vernon, WI

Sarah's Impressions:

The Mount Vernon Sportsman's Lodge is a large wood building built with logs all the way from Yellowstone Park. It was built by volunteers and it is used often.

When we went to the Sportsman's Lodge, we talked with a nice guy named Leroy Haag. He told us that hunting isn't only about shooting animals for fun; it is about enjoying nature just as much as it is about killing animals.

Leroy said that safety is very important when you're a hunter. If you hear something moving and shoot, it may turn out to be a person. You have to be able to identify your target and what's beyond it.

He told us about a party the Sportsman's Club holds. They do archery, where they shoot arrows at bales of hay inserted into the wall. Leroy told us that if you want to hunt on someone's property you have to ask the owner where to hunt, where to park your vehicle, and if there's any livestock to look out for.


I learned that you have to give the animals food, shelter, and space to live.

Mackenzie Writes:

When we went to the Sportsman's Club, we helped them set up for a dinner that raises money for the club. They shoot all the meat for the dinner instead of buying it from the store.

That is only one use for the meat they shoot. Sometimes they sell the meat. But they always use the meat. They never just shoot and kill animals for fun. But they do have fun going hunting and looking at nature.

Leroy said, "Whenever you take something you have to give something back." When the club goes hunting and shoots the animals for food, that's the taking. The giving part is when they take a group of people and go into the woods and plant trees, leave food and water.

The Sportsman's Club started out having no building. Then there was a fire in Yellowstone National Park. They contacted a man who knew how to get hold of the logs that were salvaged from the fire. When they finally got the logs, they had already put down the cement. So they started laying the logs. They had about 50 volunteers who were members of the club to help.

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