Zoe examines sculpture

Dragon head created from scrap metal

Machine Shop where Wally Keller creates his art

Observing a sculpture of a cow

Welded metal creates metal lilypads

Pegleg the Pirate Sculpture

Wally Keller shows off his metal work shop

A metal butterfly stretches its tractor seat wings

A metal ostrich strides across the white plain of snow

Yard Art with Wally Keller
Mt Horeb, WI

Factory to Sculpture, a poem by Tim
Emily | Dylan

Wally Keller is a man who we visited because he makes excellent sculptures. He gets the parts mainly from old farm equipment. He makes machines to build sculptures with old farm equipment. At his driveway, there's a huge sculpture named Pegleg the Pirate.

Around his yard there are all sorts of whimsical creatures. We walked over to a statue that had gears that enabled it to move. It was made out of wagon wheels and round plates.Gabby's drawing of the metal bug sculpture

My favorite was the bug whose wings were made out of two old tractor seats and other garden tools like a spade or a hoe. When we went inside his workshop, he had all sorts of little cars and bugs and some machines. He showed us how the machines could bend a metal bar into a circle. --Emily

One of Wally's creations is a four-legged dragon. The wings are
stretched-out metal. The spine of the dragon is a large chain. Some parts move on his creations. Another one of his creations has a spinning metal wheel in the center and spinning rotary blades on the wheel and cultivator blades that spin on other parts of his creation. Another one of Wally's creatures is the T-Rex dragon. He has made an ostrich sculpture, a hand drill sculpture, and a kangaroo sculpture. --Dylan

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