Mike talks about one of his troll carnings

Mike sketches out a troll design

Mike stands behind one of his creations 

Mike holds a completed troll

Kids pose in front of troll  carving

Kids gather in Mike's Workshop to watch the design process


Troll Carving with Mike Feeney
Mt Horeb, WI

Mike Feeney's website

The trolls in the Mount Horeb Trollway are made by Mike Feeney. Mike models the trolls after people and characters he remembers and knows. One of his first trolls was the chicken thief troll. He made this troll after hearing stories about people who would steal chickens to feed their families in the Great Depression. The chicken thief has a chicken on his head, one in a bag, and one in his hand.

In Norway the trolls are evil and mean. They poison wells and burn houses and eat people. Mike's trolls are new world trolls and have a sort of humor to them.

Frankie, the accordion-playing troll, was a real person in Mt. Horeb. There are lots of funny Frankie stories. One time, it's said, some people drove him up to LaCrosse and then left. They dropped him off at 3 a.m. and at 6 a.m. he was back on his bench. Mike was inspired to make the Frankie troll with the accordion at Mt. Horeb Summer Art Fair. He and his friends were sitting and talking when Frankie showed up and started playing a tune on the accordion. Nobody ever knew he was talented. After he finished the tune, they gave him a beer. He played another tune and got another beer, and this just went on. Mike thought it would make a good troll.

When Mike starts a troll, he uses a chainsaw to make the basic shape. Then he uses smaller and smaller tools to get more detail. The next trolls Mike will be doing are a tooth fairy troll and a troll on a tricycle! --Anna

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