Old Feed Mill
Mazomanie, WI

The restaurant at the Old Feed Mill(Transcription of Tour Guide)

People will just walk around and they look up at the ceiling and they look at different things and they are just so thrilled that this building is here and that it has not been torn down. Because you don't find buildings like this everywhere that you go. It's a very special place to work. It's preserving a bit of our history, a bit of our past. If this building were torn down, and all the other buildings were torn down that were like it, as old as it, you guys would neverThe tour guide talks about the Old Feed Mill have a chance to really see, to really feel what it's like to be inside a building like this. It's been empty for quite a few years and the owners, Dan and Nancy, had seen it and they just thought it was a wonderful building and they wanted to preserve it. There isn't a need for a mill that's grinding that much flour and grain right now here and they thought that having a restaurant and a gift shop, a lot of people could come to this building and enjoy it.

The water generated electricity, hydraulic power. This mill generated electricity for the whole village and Mazomanie was the first village to have electric lights back in the 1800s, street lights, and that was all powered because they had this mill. Now Mazomanie had electric street lights before Madison did.

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