Old Feed Mill
Mazomanie, WI

Transcription of the Tour Guide at the Old Feed Mill
Martin | Lowell

In Mazomanie we went to the old mill, now a restaurant and tavern. First our tour guide showed us the downstairs basement, where all the machinery was kept. We saw the place where little boys in the town would sneak downstairs, down to the cellar, and take their fishlines out of their pockets and fish for croppies through a hole in the floor.

They took the steel mill wheel out in the 1960s and replaced it with a turbine that was more efficient. You can if you go there still see the cogs and pulleys that they used to make flour. They still grind their own flour nowadays as a restaurant. They make a really good whole wheat bread on their mill equipment.

The dam was taken out a while ago by the DNR because it was a hazard. They get their grain from the mid-southwest and Mississippi Valley. To grind their grain, they stored the grain in the attic and pushed it down a chute to a wagon and/or train, to ship all over the world and the U.S --Martin

The mill not only made flour, it also powered the community.

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