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Mazomanie, WI

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Mazomanie was founded by Mr. Brodhead (I don't know his full name). He worked for the Milwaukee Railroad. He came up north and chose the spot for the city of Mazomanie. Then he started to build.--Thomas

Mazomanie was named after an Indian. Mazomanie rivaled Madison. They had electricity before Madison. But now that Madison has a bigger population and because it's the capital city, Madison has more money to spend on newer things.

Shimts Hall had graduation ceremonies, road shows, and Broadway shows performed in it. For a long time after they stopped playing shows in it, it was a general store. Now its top floor is used for apartments.

The whole main street in Mazomanie is on the Historic Register. The buildings on the historic list are preserved so you can't make a huge change in them (I mean you can paint them and all).

Mazomanie was founded in 1855. When the railroad came to Mazomanie, the two communities near Mazomanie really suffered. One was knocked out and the other is a very small town. Mazo used to rival Madison. They had four blacksmiths, a fening (??) mill, three hotels, two nurseries, a flour mill, and much, much more. Sandstone was quarried in Mazo, and most of the buildings were built with it.--Anna

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