Dane County Cultural Tour

Randall School, Room 202
Madison, Wisconsin

Potholder Project

Mark Wagler's 4th and 5th grade students in Room 202 at Randall School created and sold potholders to finance their Dane County Cultural Tour Project. The money raised allowed them to travel around the county, interviewing folk artists and observing cultural traditions. Stops in the Dane County Cultural Tour are are listed here.

Students also wrote out a sentence or two describing their design and/or how it represents their family's culture. These statements are included below as captions for the students' potholders. Background information on the potholder project and images of the making of a potholder can be seen here.

Students' potholders are displayed on three pages. Links to pages 2 and 3 are found at the bottom of this page.


Potholder showing bird and trees. Alice: We love the outdoors and birdwatching. Potholder showing vegetables. Alice: My family plants pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, flowers--we love to garden. Potholder showing a camera. Anna: My dad is a photographer. He uses a lot of cameras. Potholder showing a violin. Anna: Everybody except my dad plays the violin. We all like to listen.  
Potholder showing baseball, bat, and cap with a red "B." Brett: My family likes to play and watch baseball. Our favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. Potholder showing showing goalie leaping for soccer ball. Brett: Everyone in my family plays soccer. Potholder showing a turtle. Delia: Part of my family is from the Native American Turtle clan. Potholder showing Star of David. Delia: This is a Star of David to show that part of my family is Jewish.
Potholder showing baseball, bat and glove. Dylan: I like to play baseball. Potholder showing a campfire. Dylan:  My family likes campfires at camp outs. Potholder showing a pair of glasses. Emily: Everybody in my family wears glasses. Potholder showing tennis racket and ball. Emily: Me and my parents love to play tennis.
Potholder showing foot and soccer ball. Emma: Me and my family like to play and watch soccer. Potholder showing apple pie. Emma: My family loves it when my step-mom makes apple pie. Potholder showing Texas state flag. Erika: I made a Texas flag because we come from Texas.
Potholder showing arithmetic symbols. Erika: I do math all the time.

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Potholders, Page 3

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