Putting filling in egg rolls

Stacks of rolled Egg Rolls

Creating the filling for egg rolls

Emily smiles back at the camera while learning how to make egg rolls.

Enjoying our egg rolls!

Rolling up the egg rolls after filling has been put in them.

Mixing the filling for egg rolls

Student learning how to fry egg rolls.

Mr. Wagler sits and enjoys the egg rolls with the kids

Bayview Food
Madison, WI

Jenny | Rodrigo | Mackenzie

We made some egg rolls... the first thing you put in is meat, eggs, noodles, cabbage, onions, carrots, basil, fish sauce, soy sauce. Then you mix them up together and take the wrapper and fold it together. --Jenny

... And we fold it together, then we put a little egg sauce, and we gave it to Pao's mom, and there's the steps of making an egg roll. My favorite part of being in Pao house is eating the egg roll. It was delicious.--Rodrigo

Rice is one of the main Hmong foods. They have it for practically every meal: lunch, dinner and even breakfast (?). --MacKenzie

Drawing of egg rolls by a student

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