Table of autumn vegetables at the Farmers' Market

Taking notes at the Farmers' Market

Customers under the canopy over a Farmers' Market vendor's table

Rodrigo holds up some produce

Bread vendor at the Farmers' Market

View of the Farmers' Market in Madison, Wisconsin

At the Farmers' Market, looking at display of bread

Display of carrots and other vegetables at the Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market
Madison, WI

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View of the Farmers' Market in Madison, WisconsinIt was Wednesday the 24th of October and Mr. Wagler's class of room 202 at Randall School was going for a bus ride to the Farmers' Market. We got there. It was a cold, rainy, mid-fall day and we trooped around in groups of four interviewing people who sell produce and bakery goods. -- Martin

Today, room 202 of Randall School took a fieldtrip to the Farmers' Market. In this website you will see results of the pictures, interviews, and observations that my class gathered. -- Delia

The Farmers' Market is an excellent shopping place for people of all ages. It is an excellent place to go if you need fresh produce, or just if you're going on a walk. It has dairy, bakery, flowers - you name it! -- Emily

There is one guy who we have to recognize. He is Bill Warner. HeLooking at dried flower arrangements at the Farmers' Market is the manager. He and his wife make sure that there is a place for everybody. He also has to make sure nobody steals. -- Emily

Mr. Wagler's class of 2001-2002 visited the Wednesday Dane County Farmers' Market on Martin Luther King Boulevard. The class interviewed vendors, observed, and took/drew pictures. Eight kids had 2 tape recorders. They split up and interviewed vendors. The rest of the class observed vendors, drew pictures and asked questions. -- Anna

When we were buying things or just looking, we saw other groups and they had fun like we did. -- Nick

When we went to that place where [there] was bread, I saw a lot of bees! And I thought there were no bees in fall! -- Nick

Taking notes at the Farmers' MarketThe people there were very nice because they told us about where they came from and how many miles they rode. They also told us that most of their customers come on Saturday and not very many on Wednesday. -- Rodrigo

On Wednesday, we took the Madison City bus downtown, a block away from the Capitol. When my class and I got to the Market, we split up into groups into separate ways. -- Lowell

At the Farmers' Market your product has to be made/grown in Wisconsin.
-- Lowell
Jam for sale at the Farmers' Market

A lot of the people who worked as vendors lived on a farm or owned a lot of land and they grew a lot of the produce that they sold. A lot of people there were bakers. -- MacKenzie

I think it was very fun to go there because now we know the culture of vending and the Farmers' Market. -- Marcus

Today we saw not a lot of people. The boss said that the vendor people had to produce all their food and items from Wisconsin. A lot of people were from a lot of miles away. This one person was from ninety-five miles away. -- Marcus

[We] talked to the manager of the Farmers' Market. He told us about the Farmers' Market. I thought it was interesting how if one farmer bought an item from another vender they would be kicked out of the Farmers' Market. -- Dylan
Bill Warner, manager of the Farmers' Market, with his wife

I also learned that on average at the Farmers' Market on Saturday there would be about 22,000 people. I also learned that mostly all of the farmers at the Farmers' Market like selling their food at the Farmers' Market. There are about 300 vendors at the Farmers' Market on Saturday. Today there weren't nearly anywhere near 300 venders. All of the venders at the Farmers' Market were extremely friendly. Most of the farmers would come to this Farmers' Market because the customers from their point of view were very nice and people buy their products. -- Dylan

The people who come [to the market] on Wednesday are mostly from the area, like a man from the Opera House restaurant down the street. Most people come on their coffee break or for breakfast or lunch. -- Erika

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