Interviewing a vegetable merchant

At the Farmers' Market

Flowers at the Farmers' Market

Interviewing vendors at the Farmers' Market


Mark David shows off his bread

A display of gourds at the Farmers' Market

Interviewing a merchant at the Farmers' Market

Taking notes and making drawings at a display of pumpkins

Farmers' Market
Madison, WI



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Student interviewing a merchantWe saw a guy from a restaurant called the Opera House. He was buying stuff like peppers, cauliflower, and onions for the restaurant. He said that he always gets the stuff that is in season. He makes soup with the stuff he buys.
-- Brett

At the Farmers' Market our group saw a chef that worked at the Opera House. He buys vegetables and fruit. He buys as much as he can for soups. -- Emma

Evelyn Acker has been making jam for the Farmers' Market for 30 years.
-- Emma

Interviewing a Hmong vendor at the Farmers' MarketI felt great when I was talking to the Hmong lady. She said that she gets all of her vegetables from her garden. She is my cousin. -- Mark

We all were so interested that we couldn't stop asking questions such as: How did you start your business? How many years have you been working here? What products are the hardest to grow? And our most popular question was "What's your most popular product to sell?" And "What is your personal favorite product you have here?" -- Nick

Using a microphone to interview a Hmong merchantAt the Farmers' Market I talked to two Hmong ladies. They sold vegetables. -- Pakou

I felt fun and happy and [I] really enjoyed it. -- Pakou

At all of the stands we asked the questions, "How long have you been coming?" And "Why did you come?" A lot of the answers were about the same, like "I came because I had an overload of crops" or "it was business." -- Lowell

Talking with a merchantI liked interviewing the people and I learned a lot about the different foods they sell at the Farmers' Market and the different customers that come.
-- MacKenzie

Most people there only sold their produce at the Farmers' Market. Selling at the Farmers' Market is their full time job - or at least when it's the season of the thing or food they sell. Some people have part time jobs in the winter when they aren't able to work in their Taking notes at the Farmers' Marketgarden or sell their produce.
-- MacKenzie

For the bakeries, most people got their recipes from their relatives or ancestors. But some people got theirs from cookbooks and added their own little twists to it. -- MacKenzie

Some of the questions that we mostly asked the vendors are: How long have you been working at the farmers' market? Where did you come from? Most of them came from very far places in Wisconsin. Where did you get the food? Most of them said off a farm and others said "we have a store, business." Where did you get the idea to have a vendor stand here on the square? Most of them said they like to see the capitol when they come. -- Marcus

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