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Indian Lake Chapel
Indian Lake, WI

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Viola Helt is the great-great-granddaughter of the man who built the chapel. Viola told us that a statue in a house was stolen, an alter was stolen, and a donation box in the chapel was stole. Wow, that's a lot of stuff! I wonder if they were all stolen by the same person?

Viola said the reason her great-great-grandpa built the chapel was because his family was sick from a disease called diphtheria.

Viola Helt told us about the chapel in Indian Lake County Park. It was her great-great Grandpa who built the chapel in 1857. He built the chapel because some people in his family got sick and then got better. At one time the altar at the chapel was stolen. And at one time a donation box to keep the chapel up was stolen. Viola's class used to walk through fields to get to the chapel twice a year. A statue was once stolen from the chapel, and they got a new statue after it was stolen.--Dylan

Why would anybody steal something from a chapel?--Erika

One day when Viola went to the chapel she prayed for rain. In the next two or three days it rained. Viola goes to the chapel once a year with her son. She is honored to have the chapel in her family's name.--Gabby

In the winter the walk to the chapel is dangerous. There are slippery stairs and one long staircase. You need to go up many steps. It is long, but the walk to the chapel is worth it. It is a beautiful, enlightening place, stuck up in the woods. --Emily

When you get to the chapel, the chapel will be very small because the chapel is kind of like keeping a secret of god mother and god. In the chapel there are pictures of god and another kind of god mother. Close to the door there's a board written in German. At the table there were a stature and tall cups. On the edge of the table there were some black notebook. The notebook was there because when you get there you got to write a thank you note to god because he had helped you.--Pakou

Every year in May and October, St. Martin's Catholic School does a pilgrimage from the St. Martin Church to the Indian Lake Chapel. On the way up, they say rosaries. It takes several rosaries to get there. Viola said that a rosary takes about fifteen minutes to say. They do this in May and October because one is the month of rosaries and the other is the month of Mary. Viola's family also goes up to the chapel at least once a year and they are very proud to be a part of the family that built it.--Anna

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