Keeping Warm by the Fire

Thomas going down the hill on his sled

Getting ready for a run

Making a smore by the fire

Tim eats his marshmellow


Indian Lake Cabin
Indian Lake, WI

Marcus | MacKenzie/Sarah

Marcus eats his marshmellowThe sledding hill was my favorite part of the trip. We even made up a team called Team Five with Kyle, Martin, Juan Pablo, and me. Most of the time when I went, I crashed, but I didn't really care We got to roast marshmallows, which tasted very good. I don't think any of mine tasted the best because I kept burning mine.--Marcus

Trying out the sledding hillSledding with Spirit
(But not Grace!)
By MacKenzie and Sarah
Zooming, speeding
Down the hill
It's smashing!
We're crashing!

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