Writing about Cultural Themes

Cultural Themes

For homework this weekend, on loose-leaf paper, write one or more sentences about† some of the following themes as they apply to what you have learned about Dane County culture.

Write at least 2 pages, and write for at least 35 minutes.

You might want to look at the list on the other side for ideas; you may also include your own family cultural expressions. For each theme, write about more than one person or place we visited.

For example, on the theme of community, you could include the Black Earth Volunteer Fire Department, Hmong ceremonies, Syttende Mai in Stoughton, Jimmy the Groundhog in Sun Prairie, the Rockdale dam, Ronís Mazomanie stories, the Cambodian Buddhist temple, and the trolls of Mt. Horeb. You could also focus on a single community like Deerfield or Bayview.

  • foodways
  • arts (& crafts)
  • ethnic groups
  • community
  • traditions & history
  • celebrations
  • spirituality/religion
  • land & farming
  • skills & knowledge
  • recreation
  • architecture
  • occupations
  • Farmers Market
  • Bayview--needlework, foodways, ceremonies, music, shamanism
  • Willi & Mary Lehner
  • Richard Davis
  • Forest Hill Cemetery
  • cheese factory
  • Mazomanie historical buildings
  • chapel at Indian lake
  • tea party at Schumacher Farms
  • heritage seeds
  • quilters
  • Gospelaires
  • cemetery
  • well drillers
  • Angell Park
  • Sun Prairie fire department
  • Colonial Club
  • Jimmy the Groundhog
  • Kids 4
  • tobacco farm
  • polka
  • meeting with Deerfield students
  • Lenny Anderson stories
  • Marvin Dorshort auctioneer
  • Holy Notes
  • Rockdale Dam
  • bank rosemaling
  • Syttende Mai
  • Doug Pfundheller stories
  • Opera House
  • Carol Sklaven hardanger lace
  • Helen Johnson rosemaling
  • Sons of Norway
  • spinach farm
  • hog farrowing
  • volunteer fire department
  • Ron Poast hardanger fiddle
  • Mike Danz stories
  • Spud--butcher interview
  • butcher shop tour
  • sign painter
  • Wally Keller sculptures
  • Schubert's--interviews
  • Schubert's bakery & kitchen
  • trolls
  • Sportsman's club--hunting
  • Union Coop
  • livestock auction
  • Buddhist temple
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