Potholders' Description

Potholder Project

Mr. Wagler’s 4/5 Classroom

Design Process | Needlework Process | Sale

Design Process

Each student first made 6 designs that represent aspects of family culture--and then chose 2 that fit our criteria:

  • represents family culture,
  • recognizable image,
  • simple/bold design,
  • fills most of the space.

Needlework Process

  • working with parents and Ms. Wendt, students cut out the designs and used them as patterns for cutting pieces of fabric,
  • glued these pieces of fabric on to 8” by 8” squares of fabric,
  • parents sewed the pieces on to the backgrounds, sewed on the backs, filled them with stuffing, and quilted them (the parents brought two sewing machines to class)


We will sell the potholders this Friday at the Franklin-Randall Dance for $8 each. The money will be used to support classroom fieldtrips to study Dane County culture.

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