Memo for Parents Permissions

Dane County Cultural Tour

Permission, Health Form, Adult Supervision

TO: Room 202 Parents

FROM: Mark Wagler

Our Dane County Cultural Tour begins in two weeks! We will leave Monday, March 4, shortly after 8:00 a.m, heading for Middleton and Mazomanie. Monday night we stay in a church in DeForest, Tuesday night in a church in Deerfield, Wednesday night in a Girl Scout camp west of Mt. Horeb, and return about 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 7.

As parents on the organizing committee have talked to many of you, they report that you're offering lots of help with baking cookies, sending food, coming† yourselves, and in others ways supporting this trip. Thanks so much.††

Fieldtrip forms being sent home in coming week:

In a few days: a form for the items each student should bring.

In a few days: a form regarding the cost of the tour.

Next week: an itinerary.

Today: I enclose a combined field trip permission and health form. Please read the medication notice on the bottom of the form. If you have any questions about medications, please call Susan Smith, our school nurse, at XXX-XXXX.

Our trip will be very well-supervised. The following five people will be full time (day and night) for the entire trip:

Mark Wagler, classroom teacher

Mary Rasmussen, ESL teacher

Peppin Karras, student teacher

Anne Pryor, Folk Arts Education Specialist, Wisconsin Arts Board

Ruth Olson, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures at the UW

One parent nearly fulltime day and night (early Tuesday morning through end of trip):

Wes Meacham (has emergency training as a lieutenant of the Madison Fire Department)

A lot more parents are joining us for one or two days, evenings, and/or nights. The more parents the better, especially when we break up into small groups with different tasks. On the other hand, please donít feel guilty if youíre too busy to volunteer. There will be enough adults.

Students who donít follow directions or donít show respect will have the same consequences during the entire tour they now have during school hours in the classroom. With such clear expectations, I expect students to behave appropriately. In the unlikely case a student refuses to follow directions, parents will be asked to bring her or him home. The following day that student would go to another designated classroom at Randall.

Please return the permission slip / health form as soon as possible. And contact me, or anyone else on our committee, with questions or concerns. This will be an extraordinary learning experience. Weíre eager to be on the road.

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