Memo to Parents Packing List and Cost

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Please fill out and return the form below. Here are a few explanations. Attached is a packing list.

1. The cost per student is $30, which covers only a portion of our expenses. As usual, scholarships are available--and we hope some parents will pay extra to fund these scholarships. Please make checks payable to Harriet Brown, the parent treasurer for our project.

2. Parents and siblings are invited to come to the potluck Tuesday evening, March 5, at 5:30 at the Deerfield Lutheran Church on highway 73 as you near downtown (more complete directions later). Please bring a potluck dish that feeds at least 6. We also need potluck dishes from as many other families as possible--please bring to Randall parking lot at 4:20 Tuesday afternoon. Harriet Brown will be there to bring the dishes to Deerfield. If you cannot make this meeting time but still want to contribute a dish, call Harriet at XXX-XXXX so she can arrange to get your dish earlier, or come pick it up at your house.

3. It’s important for us to know which adults are joining us during parts of the trip. Even though you’ve told us before, because plans sometimes change, please fill this in again. We must know to expect you, especially at dinner time.

4. If your child needs to borrow a sleeping bag or water bottle (see attached packing list), please note below. Remember, if you are sending medicines for your child, you need to indicate this on the medical form and call Susan Smith, our school nurse.

A big thank you to everyone. Parent enthusiasm & collaboration is making this a great experience! 


___ Enclosed is $30 for the Dane County Cultural Tour for (student name) _________________________________________________________.

___ Enclosed is an additional $________ to help with scholarships.

___ We need a partial scholarship. Enclosed is the amount we can afford to pay $_______ or we will send it in by ______________.

___ We need a full scholarship.

___ We plan to come to the Tuesday evening potluck. Total number (not including student) ___ .

___ We’ll bring a potluck dish to the Randall parking lot by 4:20, but can’t come to the potluck.

___ We can loan (sleeping bags, mats, bottles, raingear, etc.) __________________________________________________________

___ We need to borrow a sleeping bag for the trip.

___ We need to borrow a water bottle for the trip.

Times adults from our family will join the fieldtrip (put names in blanks):

Monday   ____ forenoon____ afternoon____ dinner____ overnight

Tuesday  ____ forenoon____ afternoon____ dinner____ overnight

Wednesday   ____ forenoon____ afternoon____ dinner____ overnight

Thursday        ____ forenoon____ afternoon

Please make checks payable to Harriet Brown!


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