Quilter's Group
Deforest, WI

MacKenzie | Jenny | Emily

In the quilting group, we learned that 7 percent of the homes in the U.S. use quilts, or somebody quilts, or both.

We also learned about different designs, like the log cabin. It's called the log cabin because it has a ring on the outside and then another ring and so on until it gets to the middle, and that ring represents the chimney.

Another design is the Irish chain. It's made up of squares that go diagonal and crisscross all over. And a double Irish chain is where there's a different color along the outside. But then when they crisscross, the outside color doesn't overlap the chain. --MacKenzie

Some of the quilters learned how to make quilts when they were really young. Some learned from their grandmas. --Jenny

The tools they use can be dangerous. There are very sharp pizza rollers to cut the fabric with. You have to remember to put the blade back. --Emily

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