Photo of the Gospelaires singing; one singer is clapping his hands

Photo of the Gospelaires group harmonizing

Photo of two members of the Gospelaires gospel group

Photo of hte Gospelaires singing

Photo of the Gospelaires speaking with their visitors

Photo of the Gospelaires singing and clapping their hands

Photo of the Gospelaires singing

Photo of the Gospelaires singing

Photo of an interview with the Gospelaires

Photo showing a member of the Gospelaires speaking with the Dane County Cultural Tour visitors

Music by the Madison Gospelaires
Deforest, WI

Transcription by Zoë's Mom
Sarah | Gabby

The Madison Gospelaires are an a cappella group. Acapello means singing without instruments. The Gospelaires sang a few songs for us. They were called "There's No Secret," "How Long," and "Doors of Progress."

Gospel music is about Jesus and God, meaning it is in the Christian religion. The last song they sang alone was "Lord Remember Me." Then we sang with them a little bit. We sang, "This Little Light of Mine" and another song. I thought we were good but I think they were better because of course they practice a lot and are doing gospel music all the time.

Sometimes in gospel music you clap your hands. I also saw them tapping their feet to the rhythm once in a while. They had a good sense of rhythm and I doubt they ever get off the beat.

Gospel singing has its roots in singing by black slaves. Slaves sang the songs when they were picking cotton. But you don't have to be black to be a gospel singer.

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