Studio 3-D Dance studio in Deerfield, Wisconsin

The dancing instructor speaks to the students

Learning to dance the polka

Dancing the polka

Learning to dance the polka

Students raise their hands to ask questions at the dance studio

Learning to dance the polka

Dancing the polka

Polka Lesson at 3D Dance Studio
Deerfield, WI

Emily | Emma | Nick

In Deerfield, we met a class of other fourth-graders. We went to the dance studio for polka lessons. Some of us danced with people in different classes, but nobody danced with the opposite gender.

The polka is a dance people do at weddings. There are three kinds of polkas, and we learned the easiest one. It was still a little bit hard. In this dance you stand on your toes for the first part and they start to hurt.

The polka is a very common and old dance. It is a really simple dance. You mostly use your legs.

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