Cutting the meat

Cutting the meat

Ring bologna

Cutting the meat

Inspecting the ham

The retail shop at Black Earth Meats

Black Earth Meats with Spud Rose
Black Earth, WI

"The Butcher"

Pigs and cows have been slaughtered.
They've become pork and beef.
Butchers chop pigs and cows into
Tiny, medium, and large pieces. All the
Parts have been put away into freezers,
Later sold into stores. Butchers chopping
With loud noises, bump, tump, clump.
The smoke pumps through the
Pipe flowing outside into the air, as the great
Smell blows around the warmness.
The smoke pumps heat up like the fire.
The smell of sensations could never be taken
Away from the butcher and people all around.


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