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Spud talks about the beef

Spud talks about the beef

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Spud Rose talks about the seasoning

Spud's Bologna Recipe
Black Earth, WI

Transcripton of Spud Rose, butcher, talking about his recipe for venison ring baloney:

"To make your ring baloney, venison ring baloney, we take 40 pounds of venison, 10 pounds of beef, and 50 pounds of pork. And life is so good that I get this guy from a seasoning company and he come here and he said, 'Spud, I'm going to make you a recipe.' When I went to school I had this great ring baloney recipe and I told the guy what was in my ring baloney recipe and he makes me a bag for ring baloney, cause I don't have the spices: salt, corn syrup, garlic, monosodium glutinate, onion, garlic powder, phosphate . . . and we use this bag, this cure, for 100 pounds. So after the bag is made up for 100 pounds we can make ring baloney.

"So you run the meat through the grinder, mix it up, put the spices in it with a little water, and then we run it back through the grinder. It goes through the grinder twice. And then we use the hydraulic stuffer.

"Now we're going to hang them on a pole and we put them in the smoke house, at 150 degrees--and what happens? We kill all the bugs--for about eight hours. And you have your venison ring baloney. How many pounds of venison ring do you think I made this year? Take a guess? 5,000 pounds."

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