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Spud Rose talking about beef

Butchering the beef

Spud talks about the butchering

Butchering the beef

Butchering the beef

Spud discussing the butchering

Butchering beef

Spud talks about the butchering

Black Earth Meats with Spud Rose
Black Earth, WI

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At Black Earth Meats we interviewed a guy named Glenn Rose. His nickname was Spud. He said that he got that nickname because he and his friends were riding their bikes and they came to a potato field and ran through the sprinklers. Spud was hungry, so he ate a raw potato, and now they call him Spud. He is the meat manager for Black Earth meats.--Brett

In the butcher shop there are toners, wrappers, retailers, skinners, slaughterers, and last but not least butchers. The temperature in the room for grinding meat into breakfast sausage (or that room temperature) is 55 degrees.

Once the animal is killed, the skinners take over. They will skin this animal with a very sharp knife. The hooves are the first thing they cut off. Then they skin the hide and work their way up to the top. Once this is done the animal is hung from a rod on the ceiling. The inspectors inspect the animal for any cancer or disease. They check the heart valves especially for anything that went wrong. People like Dr. Ross Brown look at animals when they are alive, then check when they are killed so they can notice that behavior in another animal.--Erika

When we went to the butcher shop in Black Earth, we got to learn about how to make ring bologna. For ring bologna you have to take 40 pounds of venison, 10 pounds of beef and 50 pounds of pork. For better taste, you take spices and add them to this mix. You put it through the grinder, then the mixer, then you put it back through the mixer, and when we got there, that was already done. What we got to see was when they put it in this machine which I don't know the name of. In this machine you put all the meat in and close the top. On the side there is a long tube that goes out. You put rubber cases made of pig and sheep stomach over the tube,then press down a pedal, and all the ingredients will come into the cases that hold the ingredients in. Then you heat it at 158 degrees to fry it and kill germs like E. coli 157 and salmonella.--Thomas

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