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Spud Rose talking about beef

Butchering the beef



Butchering the beef

Butchering the beef

Spud discussing the butchering

Butchering beef




Black Earth Meats with Spud Rose
Black Earth, WI

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The slimy sausage filling was very interesting, but when they sawed a cow in half it made me feel a bit uneasy.

Two large cow tongues sat on the counter I was standing near. If you looked closely, you could see that the end that had been connected to the mouth was jiggling back and forth just the slightest bit.

The butcher shop was awesome. Actually it was gross too. There was a dead headless cow lying upside down on a table, and they were culling the skin off of it. The skull and the tongues were on a table and both of them were moving. When we went into the next room I had to dodge dead cows hanging from the ceiling.

It shocked me how they skinned the cows and how they cut them in half. Another gross thing was the smell of guts.
--Juan Pablo

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