Pigs in their pens at the pig farm

Mike Danz with a piglet

A sow at the pig farm


A sow at Mike Danz' pig farm

At the pig farm




Mike Danz Pig Farm
Black Earth, WI

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The sows and boars truly frightened me. I was relieved for about three seconds the pigs suddenly stopped making noise, as if the presiden had walked in and called the room to silence.

The enthusiasm in the baby pigs' eyes took my breath away. They looked at the world, a new and exciting place for positive things to happen. The wonder of their brains, new, fresh, excited, not dreading tomorrow. Not worried about what people think of them. The way they look up at you with their wonderful eyes and all the questions that come to their minds like a seed waiting to grow into a tree.

Mike could sell his land to developers for half a million dollars. He says he might be foolish to refuse, but he is trying hard not to let all the land turn into suburbs.

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