Union Co-op Sign

An agronomist at the Union Co-op

Bull ring for sale at the Union Co-op store

Taking notes at the co-op

Udder balm for sale at Union Co-op retail store

At the feed co-op

Taking notes as the agronomist talks

Cultural tour visitors at the Union Co-op

Mixing feed at the co-op

At the Union Co-op

Union Co-op
Belleville, WI

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A bunch of farmers pooled their resources and made Union Co-op. You could literally buy cat food and become a part of this place! Co-ops have changed a lot. It used to be common for a farmer to bring in his grain, mix it, and afterwards would take it home. Now they just deliver it. They sell new things, like llama feed. But they still sell old stuff, like horse feed, rabbit feed, and cow cream.

Back in the old days, a farmer's social time was when the grain was mixing. It wouldn't be unusual to find shelled peanuts for farmers waiting there.

The Union Co-op is the only hardware store in Belleville, so they have to take care of the basic necessities. They store grain and corn in bins over the winter for farmers. Also, they make fertilizer. You give them a recipe, and they put all the ingredients into a big mixing tank and stir them together. Then it is bagged, weighed, and trucked off to the farm. They also sell fertilizer at the store.

A co-op is a business that couldn't exist without people's cooperation. Some farmers who needed a place to buy stuff decided to start this co-op. It has things from udder balm (lotion for cow's udders) to drench (a drink for cows who need minerals). It sells things like syringes, too, because farmers are part-time vets.

The following animals can find feed here: pigs, birds, cows, rabbits and horses.

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